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Baku Instrument-Making Plant

Baku, Zabrat-1 settlement, Sabunchu district, Oktyabr street, 106 AZ1000 *** 4 voted

About Baku Instrument-Making Plant

Baku Instrument Engineering Plant was founded in 1941 attached to “Azneftemash” Trust and was operating under subordination of the Ministry of Instrument Engineering, Automation & Control Means of the USSR.Since 1993 the plant was operating within the structure of the "Geophyspribor" Production Association under the control of the State Committee for Special Engineering & Conversion.Since 2006 it is operating within the system of the Ministry of Defence Industry of the Azerbaijan Republic.Today the basic line of activity of the plant is production of instrumеnts for monitoring drilling & operation of oil/gas wells as well as physical instruments to study drilling mud parameters.

Special products

  • In compliance with the approved State Programme

Civil products

  • Drilling Mud Laboratories LBR-1, LGR-3
  • Viscosimeters VSN-3, VBR-1
  • Instrument for effective measurement the percentage of the solid phase, oil & water in drilling mud TFN-1
  • Water Loss Meter VМ-6
  • to measure water loss of drilling mud at 0.1 MPa
  • Deep Well Pump Operation Indicator IKGN-1
  • Mud Tester SNS-2
  • to measure the ultimate static shear strength of mud in drilling of wells
  • Drilling Mud Gas Phase % Control Instrument PGR-1
  • Hydrometer ABR-1
  • to measure the density of drilling mud & other solutions as well as liquids & pulps neutral to polyethylene
  • Discharge valve
  • 4-walve cocks
  • 2-walve cocks

Production facilities

  • machining, heat treatment, electrochemical and electrophysical treatment of parts from ferrous and nonferrous metals, rubber & plastics
  • assembling, painting and woodworking (packaging)
  • manufacture of special products for oil, chemical, electromechanical power & machine-building industries.