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Surakhany district Court

Baku, Surakhanı district, Sattar Bahlulzade street, 17 AZ1000 *** 3 voted

About Surakhany district Court

Baku City Surakhany District Court hears cases related to civil, criminal, administrative offenses and other cases within the territory of Baku city Surakhany district as a court of first instance.

The information about Surakhani district

Surakhani district was created in 1920. The district was called Orjonokidze district until 18 April 1990. The district has a population of 201.400 (28 June 2011), and its total area is 100 The district shares borders with Sabunchu, Nizami, Khazar and Khatai districts and the Caspian Sea. We would like to provide some information about old monuments found in Surakhani district. Thus, an “Atashgah” in Surakhani district is a fire temple built in the 17th – 18th century on a natural gas source and an eternal fire. The temple is comprised of 26 columns and a central altar. The most recent construction of the mine is in Balakhani where prominent scholars and travellers such as A.Duma, Mendeleyev, Vereshagin, professor Berezin and academician Dorn stayed. «Atashgah» was built by local masters on the old fire worshipping temple of Indian traders. «Atashgah», a fire temple, is in 30 km of Baku and is located to the south-east of Surakhani settlement in Absheron peninsula. There are 15.781 refugees and IDPs settled in Surakhani district as a result of the aggressive policy of Armenian occupiers.