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Garadagh district Court

Baku, Garadagh district, Lokbatan settlement, Ziya Bunyatov street, 3 АZ1063 *** 2 voted

About Garadagh district Court

Baku City Garadagh District Court hears cases related to civil, criminal, administrative offenses and other cases within the territory of Baku city Garadagh district as a court of first instance.

Brief info about Garadagh district

Garadagh is one of the 11 districts of Baku. Garadagh district covers a very large area. There are many settlements in the area one of which is Sangachal settlement. As an administrative territory, Garadagh district was created in connection with the discovery of Puta-Shubani mine. On 7 May 1923 the first party conference was held in the club in Puta settlement and the district was founded. The district was called Mikoyan district until 1937, Molotov district until 1956, Garadagh between 1956-63, Azizbeyov between 1963-66 and Garadagh again from 1966. The district’s name is associated with the name of Garadagh station which was one of the first railway stations built in the South Caucasus. Garadagh District Court has been operating since 1930.

Garadagh district has 11 settlements. Its total area is 10.80 km², and it has a population of 105.997 (21 June 2011). The district has 30 educational institutions, 25 kindergartens, 25 medical institutions, 38 industrial enterprises, 118 small enterprises, 10 libraries, 8 mosques, 1 state preserve and 2 sacred places. There are 2400 refugees and 15000 IDPs settled in Garadagh as a result of the aggressive policy of Armenian occupiers. The district border the Caspian Sea - 106 km, Baku city in the south - 103 km, Absheron district in the north and Yasamal district in the north-east, Binagadi district in the east and Sabayil district in the south-east, Shirvan city in the west, Shamakhi district in the north-west, Salyan district in the south-east, and Hajigabul district in the south-west.