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Baku Oil Factory

Baku, Binagadi district, Kondalan street, 5 AZ1029 *** 2 voted

About Baku Oil Factory

Baku Oil Factory has a broad production range. Production of Teksun, Final, Super Sun, Aysun butters and oils that conquered many markets worldwide started out in Baku in 1996. The prerequisite that guaranteed the success of this activity was the reconstruction of the Baku Oil Factory factory and provision of equipment that meets the modern, state-of-the-art requirements. This factory produces high quality nutrient butters and oils using the “no hands” technology. The factory deploys process equipment procured in USA, Italy, France. It is equipped with state-of-the-art deodorization and ventilation systems. These new systems do not harm the environment and allow for processing the highest quality vegetable oils. Butter and vegetable oils produced by the factory as per the highest standards have been granted a number of awards and diplomas from various states; they won prizes in a number of exhibitions and contests.

Baku Butter Factory

  • Baku Oil Factory , whose chief philosophy is customer satisfaction; this enterprise pays attention to this issue starting from the very first phase of production up until the delivery of products or services to customers working on the basis of the principle of integrity of nature, safety and care of the refinery process;
  • Baku Oil Factory that managed to earn consumer trust from day one of operations reasserts its accountable approach to its status of a producer as well as to ensuring safety, quality and peculiarity of all products offered to consumers;
  • To produce and import butter and oil in order to meet the domestic and external market needs;
  • To form investment sources, assisting investment reserves through its corporate policy based on the principle of productivity
  • To procure raw materials considering human health, to produce tea in an environment of human health protection;
  • To ensure and promote customer satisfaction;
  • To care for the environment;
  • To create safe working conditions for people and respect and value views and opinions of people;
  • To adhere to requirements and conditions laid out in regulations and laws of the country and management systems and to constantly improve such systems.