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Baku Business Factory

Baku, Nasimi district, Nizami street, 203 AZ1010 *** 1 voted

About Baku Business Factory

Baku Business Factory (BBF) was established by Anar Alizadeh in April, 2015. The main purpose of the company is to support youth business initiatives.Young people can realize their ideas in various business fields here. They will be able to get an office in BBF, mentor's assistance and financial support as well as take part in different trainings.The second sphere of BBF's work includes providing offices with all the working conditions for those engaged in free activities. They can take advantage of our office's facilities, such as desks, meeting rooms, lounges, internet, printer, scanner, reception, tea, coffee and others free. They will also be able to participate in trainings organized by BBF.BBF's mission is to develop business-thinking of young people with business ideas, and provide them with financial base in order to form new business skills in our country.

Our Office

Our office is located in the city center on the 3rd floor of AF Business House; adress: 203B, Nizami street. The gross area of the office is 620 sq. m.Vivid design and comfortable office environment gives freelancers and start-ups an opportunity to successfully implement their ideas. It includes:

  • Working space for start-ups
  • Working space for freelancers and small businesses
  • Space for BBF employees
  • 2 meeting rooms
  • Lounge
  • Hall
  • Kitchen


In recent years, the interest of young people in business has significanlty increased. However, due to lack of experience as well as material and technical bases, most of these initiatives are doomed to failure. BBF project on start-ups supports youths in gaining business-skills and provides with financial and technical help. The main merit in this area includes provision with office, material help and technical equipment, mentoring, legal support and investment.Which business types can apply:

  • Trade: wholesale and retail, e-trade
  • Service: agency, consulting, design, translation, training, research, etc.
  • Production: weaving, handicrafts, daily use goods, food, etc.
  • Technology: web site, application, robot production, etc.
  • Agriculture: farming, breeding, sale of agricultural products, etc.
  • Short-term profitable projects: exhibitions, events, campaigns, concerts, etc.


Coworking Space project offers offices with various equipment for freelancers. Free designers, programmers, lawyers, marketers, small businesses, start-ups and others can become the member of the center. The project is considered for individuals or groups with maximum 3 members. They can take advantage of our office facilities identified below free:

  • Workdesk
  • Meeting rooms
  • Lounge
  • Internet
  • Printer
  • Scanner
  • Kitchen
  • Tea, coffee etc.
  • Reseption services
  • Taking part in trainings, organized by BBF