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About Baku Business Consulting

Associates of “Baku Business Consulting” LLC are professional specialists worked a long time in the field of law, management of financial and human resources in public authorities conducted state control over keeping to the requirements of labour legislation. Our specialists experienced in solving of the complicated issues arose out of labour and legal relations are ready to render high quality service to You. Attestation of working places (assessment on conforming to the requirements of standards); Attestation of workers (organization of assessment of activity and conformity to the position); Criterions on assessment of activity and preparation of proper documents; Analysis of results, preparation of reports and adoption of proper decisions on results. On conforming to labor legislation; On issues of labour defense; On employment issues; On allocations to State Social Defense Fund. On legal relations belonging to legal entities: State registration and preparation of constituent documents of legal entities and their subsidiary enterprises; Registration of representation or branches of foreign legal entity and entering them into register; Implemnetation of the increase of the authorized capital in shareholder companies according to the procedure rules of the State Committee on Securities: - preparation of emission avenue; - organization of settlement of shares by means of broker for their nominal value; - converting of shares; - registration of the emitted shares and preparation of the final reports. register of the securities’ owners (shareholders); preparation of procedure rules and regulation for structural sections of the legal entities; preparation of legal opinions and references related to the normative legal acts regulated different activity fields on the basis of order; On legal relations required special consent: getting of special license and permissions required under legislation for different service and production enterprises; getting of permissions for foreigners and stateless persons to engage in labour activity and to live temporarily in the territory of the republic; On obligation legal relations: Making and expertise of different kinds of civil-legal contracts (purchase-sale, lease, franchising, leasing, contract, debt, broker, task, etc); Rendering of legal assistance in issues related to determination of compulsory shares in testament and inheritance; Preparation and expertise of unilateral agreements; On family legal relations: Making of marriage contracts; Implementation of proper procedure related to the termination of marital relations; Distribution of total property obtained during joint marriage of couple, Restoration of intercourse of parents with child; Providing of alimony payment; On real estate relations: Representation in proper purchase and sale operations of apartments; Documentation of plot of lands; Becoming of residential areas to non-residential areas; Primary registartion and re-registration of real estate rights; Cancellation of registration on residential area of the previous owner of apartment; On relations related to governmental and non-governmental organizations: Participation in monitoring conducted by State Labour Inspectorate Service, State Employment Service, State Social Defense Fund, Ministry of Taxes and State Migration Service as representative or supervisor; Defense of the rights of employee in different governmental and non-governmental organizations in the person of lawyer or representative, representation and submission of complaints accordingly from decisions of those organizations; Selection of correct solution methods of problems arose related to financial organizations (bank, insurance, leasing, etc.) and efficient legal support in this direction; On representation relations in the court: Protection of the rights of employee in the court in the person of lawyer or representative; Representation as plaintiff or defendant in all court instances and making of proper legal documents; Efficient use of legal mechanisms related to execution of court decisions came into legal force; On criminal legal relations: to organize protection of the accused person in primary investigation and to provide the participation of lawyers in all investigation actions; Legal accompaniment of person in law enforcement bodies against whom the complaint is given; to participate in the person of defender in the execution of criminal judgment;