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Bakpet Company

Baku, Narimanov district, Muzaffar Narimanov street, 2072 AZ1000 *** 1 voted

About Bakpet Company

Bakpet LLC has started its activity since 01.01.2001. From the beginning its activity it was taken specific place in Azerbaijan market and improved its activity day by day. The key point of the enterprise activity is production and sale of the Pet preforms. Bakpet LLC is an only big firm in Azerbaijan with this kind of activity.

Activities of Bakpet Company

The companies engaged in the production of mineral water, beverage and oil production in Azerbaijan had to bring those preforms from foreign countries until the Bakpet LLC had started its activity. But after the Bakpet has set up its activity, it offered its services to the foreign and local water, beverage, oil producers and those companies tested our products and accepted our quality. And as the result of this success, at present, number of agreements concluded with the local and foreign companies on the sale of our goods increases constantly. The initial tests over our products have passed successfully. It is honor for us that no claims and dissatisfaction among the customers and firms appeared for the whole period of our activity.

Services of Bakpet LLC

Our customers are entirely confident that Bakpet LLC produces the high quality goods and renders good service. And so that being a constant participant of the market, it continues rendering its services to the buyer companies. In the result of specification of the production process at the enterprise, as well as application of the production equipment based on the high quality production and modern technologies, production process is entirely automotive. Our staff, which has direct connection with the production process, has studied the special training course in Italy and they had been given certificates which meet all European Standards.

After equipment designing and setting into the operation, the additional courses are organized for the staff being engaged in the production and servicing processes and the specialists came from Italy educate operation with the enterprise equipment and technical maintenance order. Sales and service departments of the enterprise render high quality and operative servicing to our customers. Quality control laboratory exists in the enterprise as well. The laboratory is equipped with the most modern control and measure equipment. Our enterprise’s activity meets all European Standarts.The workshop, warehouse, laboratory and all the buildings in our enterprise have built according to all Europian Standarts. Also, the raw and helping materials is imported from abroad especially from Italy, Turkey, South Korea, Pakistan, India, Indonesia.

Production of Pet preforms in Bakpet Company

In order to produce Pet preforms, the raw material is imported from abroad, in particular South Korea’s firms like that Tongkook Corporation (TEXPET), SK Net-Works Corporation (SKY PET), KP Chemical Corporation (PAPET) and alsofrom Turkey, Pakistan,India, Indonezia. Our raw material meets all European Standarts. At present, the Bakpet offers 3 types of preforms to its customers: BPF Neck Finish, PCO Neck Finish and Ring Edible Oil.These preforms suppose production of the bottles used for the packing of the carbonated and non-carbonated water ,beverage, Coca-Cola and vegetable oils by their destination. According to the volumes, the produced preforms are made in 0.5 l, 1 l, 1.5 l and 2 l volumes. The enterprise also takes the orders of the institutions that do not have fulfilling equipment and realized bottle production from these preforms.

Our Technologies

In order to achieve high-quality and competitive production at the Bakpet, "Sipa" production technology belonging to leading Italian company has been set up. At present, 5 production lines are active at the Bakpet. Forth of them are engaged in the preform production; one - bottle production. Being the latest samples of the scientific-technological achievements in this sphere, the set equipment and technologic line entirely meets the standards in both quality, safety and ecology. On one hand, the quality of the applied crude, on the other hand, production equipment provides competition abilities of the produced goods in the quality parameters and high quality equipment installation. Exactly these advantages have become the reason that the Bakpet has become popular for very short period of time.