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Azon Plant

Baku, Yasamal district, Sharifzada street, 241 AZ1012 *** 1 voted

About Azon Plant

“AZON” plant was founded in 1974 on the base of the Baku Special Design Office of «Microcircuitry» and was operating under subordination of the Ministry of Electronic Industry of the USSR. “Since 1993 “AZON” was operating under the control of the Special Committee for Special Engineering & Conversion of the Azerbaijan Republic.Since September 2006 «AZON» continues its operation within the structure of the Ministry of Defence Industry of the Azerbaijan Republic. “AZON” is the enterprise with a technology base providing for complete manufacturing cycle of IC.

IC Сhip module

  • chemical cleaning
  • vacuum evaporation
  • photolithography
  • ion implantation
  • diffusion

Auxiliary sites

  • photomasters’
  • preparation & filtration of chemical solutions
  • measurement of finished chips

IC Assembly shop

  • wafer scribing
  • chip mounting
  • pin soldering
  • encapsulation
  • pin cutting & marking
  • measuring & packaging of m/s

Production facilities of AZON plant

The shop is equipped with high capacity automatic machines allowing to manufacture microchips in plastic & flat metal/Si DIP-packages. To provide production with energizers the plant possesses facilities for production of high quality gases (nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen) and deionized water.Water purification station is capable to produce up to 22m3/h of deionized water.Nitrogen-oxygen plant is producing up to 400 kg of liquid or 360 kg/h of gaseous high grade oxygen or nitrogen.Hydrogen-oxygen plant is producing up to 240 m3/h of hydrogen.Moreover, the plant has the mechanical assembly, toolmaking, non-standard equipment & other shops. The shop’s machinery allows to manufacture high precision stamps, molds, non-standard equipment and various metal & plastic parts.


  • metrological support of production
  • speed, acceleration and time measurements
  • climatic, vibration & impact tests
  • mechanical tests