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AZMAR Ingilab Exhibition Hall

Baku, Nasimi district, Akademik Hasan Aliyev street, 4 AZ1078 *** 2 voted

About AZMAR Ingilab Exhibition Hall

AZMAR, company becoming a local brand in natural stone processing and production started its operations in Nakhchivan Autonomic Republic in 2015. Focused on customer satisfaction and respect towards human and environment is now one of the leading companies in the field of operations.Natural stone, nature’s heritage to us, is provided for use following the high quality production with the application of state-of-the-art technologies. All goods produced by AZMAR undergo careful control under various parameters, such as volume, color homogeneity, filer before offered to customers.

AZMAR Products

  • Marble
  • Travertine
  • Mosaic / Figures
  • Pavement
  • Cornice
  • Water Jet

Travertine and marble stones production

As a owner of travertine and marble sources and producer of these stones, AZMAR exports Azerbaijani travertine and marble to a number of countries. Travertine and marble blocs extracted from fields in Garabaghlar Olive, Gababaghlar Travertine, Chalkhangala Bej and Yukhari Buzqov Nero sources in Nakhchivan Autonomic Republic are brought to factories and facilities for processing. Plates and mosaics of various sizes and types are produced from “Noce Cross Cut”, “Noce Vein Cut”, “Light Cross Cut”, “Light Vein Cut”, “Classic Cross Cut” “Classic vein cut” travertine and “Beige”, “Olive Maron”, “Nero” marble stones with the help of Italian equipment of “Barsanti” and Turkish equipment of “SESEMAK”,“TOKSEL”, “DEMMAK” and etc.Large- and small-sized travertine plates are mostly used in decoration of facade and back-yard of buildings while mosaic travertine plates are used for decorative faces with various patterns.

Gemikaya Holding - AZMAR

Our objective is to further improve the quality standard of our products while reducing expenses. As a company giving preference to high quality production and service, AZMAR continues its operation with the main priority to mobilize local sources and reduce external dependence. Customer satisfaction is considered to be the mainstream in AZMAR’s operation. To achieve this target, it is compulsory to determine changing customer requirements, set competitive price and deliver products on time and in perfect condition. AZMAR’s vision is to improve welfare of customers, suppliers and employees by providing high quality products. AZMAR’s mission is to become a leading company with international recognition in natural stone production. In order to proudly fulfill this mission we aim to meet customer expectations and provide the highest quality product and service in time and more importantly under Azerbaijani mark.