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About Azklima

“Azklima” LLC has been commercial company that specialized in selling, installation and servicing heating systems in Azerbaijan since 2008. During the last 6 years our company has been able to act as official distributor of several European and Turkish companies in Azerbaijan. Increasing prices of global energy resources force both partners and us to demonstrate cost-effective and environmentally friendly products and to search new technologies constantly. In accordance to latest tendency of customer`s orientation exceptionally on price, the majority of importers change their approach to quality and durability in their strategy. However, this mentioned tendency evaluated as a wrong vision by our partners and us and these key factors had taken as essential part of our long –term strategy. During the last 6 years our company could achieve stable partnership with too many contractors and subcontractor and sell its goods in more than 100 layouts and trade centers. Success and reputation of our partners is the most important factor for us in promoting a healthy business. OUR PURPOSE: To provide the most optimal heating solutions and installations to our customers and to look with 360 ° to their enquiries.