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Azersun Trade & Distribution

Baku, Narimanov district, Ziya Bunyatov prospect, Quarter, 2084 AZ1000 *** 3 voted

About Azersun Trade & Distribution

The “Azersun Trade and Distribution” company, delivering products by the Holding’s entities to distributors, markets and consumers, has created a broad commercial network through the combination of strong merchandizing traditions with modern technologies. With its almost 450 employees and more than 170 vehicles, the distribution network provides very convenient supplies to all regions, districts, towns and villages of Azerbaijan. Currently of the highest potential among Azerbaijan’s distributors, the company was the first domestic establisher of a distribution channel. The company consists of two sales departments. The “Azersun Trade and Distribution” company have ISO 9001:2000 - Quality Management System Certificate.

Azersun Trade and Distribution company - Departments

Absheron Sales Department - The department consists of two branches in Baku and one in Sumgayit. Regional Sales Department - The department’s center is Ganjah City. 27 distributors are affiliated with the department. Serving more than 10,000 shops across Azerbaijan, the Azərsun Ticarət və Dağıtım is capable of minimum weekly reaching each of those.
Based on our human resources philosophy all Azersun Holding employees are expected to possess or develop at a later stage of their career the following qualities:

  • Integrity, trustworthiness and openness
  • Awareness of one's responsibilities and eagerness to fulfil them.
  • Strong commitment to excellence
  • Effective communication skills, ability to adapt quickly to changing environment
  • Enthusiasm to learn and develop skills and knowledge and stay open to new ideas
  • Be confident enough to present the results of one's work in front of team members and colleagues and bear the constructive criticism coming from them.
  • Analytical skills and creative thinking.

Customer care of Azersun Trade and Distribution company

You can obtain any information, file any complaints, make any suggestions and ask any questions with respect to our products, addressing them to the Customer Service. Please do not hesitate to contact us. Your opinions are very important to us. Each customer is our friend and here you will be treated as a real friend. Specialists of our company will answer any questions you may have as quickly as possible. If necessary, based on your request, our representatives will visit you.

Useful informations about Azersun Trade and Distribution company

Goals and Missions of Azersun Trade and Distribution company:

  • Those of the Azersun Trade and Distribution are not only to distribute the holding’s products, but also to provide post-sales support.
  • Providing for customers’ awareness on the quality and specifications of goods, and easier choice opportunities when in shops (better commodity arrangement, clear price indication), and retailers’ involvement make up only part of post-sales support.
  • Current market competition requires not only the quality of goods, but also that of service for customers to feel satisfied. The staff continuously follows this philosophy and provides for a high level of customer-company relations.
  • Thinking as a customer, the company considers the best service possible as the priority goal and aims to stand today’s and future’s market competition, and, therefore, pays great attention to the staff’s continuous professional upgrade and, as a result, enjoys the expertise of its local and foreign workers.
  • At the same time, we make efforts to support the development of our partner distributors, retailers and wholesale entities. Its market experience huge, the company has great merits of the whole holding development process.
  • Our factories and departments for marketing and quality control are highly cooperative in this way. Our contact departments receive the latest information on any innovations in our market, and wishes and complaints by the customers.
  • For full integration into the globalized world, the Azersun Trade and Distribution closely observes all the tendencies and reaches newly updated goals. Of our biggest goals is to keep leading the market on every step when bringing goods to consumers under the modern standards of technologies and service.

Azersun Trade and Distribution - Quality Policy

As a sales and distribution company, we have the goals to:

  • implement and always improve the Quality Management System keep the high quality level in any case
  • raise customers’ and staff’s satisfaction remain the competition leader
  • bring our products to consumers