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Azerbaijan University of Languages Tabriz building

Baku, Narimanov district, Tabriz street, 81 AZ1008 *** 1 voted

About Azerbaijan University of Languages Tabriz building

Azerbaijan University of Languages is a public university in Baku, Azerbaijan. The student body consists of approximately 4000 undergraduates and 900 graduate (master's degree) students. The university has a combined faculty of more than 700 teachers.The beginnings of the university can be traced to 1937, with Azerbaijan Pedagogical Institute's opening of the School of Foreign Languages. In 1940, the Azerbaijan Communist Party decreed that a separate Institute of Foreign Languages be formed, but the outbreak of World War II caused the new Institute to quickly fold back into Azerbaijan Pedagogical Institute. After the war, the government of Azerbaijan SSR created the Azerbaijan Institute of Foreign Languages in 1948, but it was folded into the Azerbaijan Institute of Russian Language and Literature in 1959. Finally, in 1973, the Azerbaijan Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages was established as an independent institution.

Structure and activities of Azerbaijan University of Languages

There are 4 schools, 28 departments at the university, a lot of scientific centers, laboratories activate at present, during a short time the number of the students increased from 3000 to 6000. Permanent Dissertation Council activates on 3 specialties at the University:” German languages”, “World Literature”, “Theoretical methodic of education.”Azerbaijan University of Languages that quickly reacts to the reforms in educational system of the Republic, passed to the credit education system for the first time among the state higher educational establishments. Center for “Maintenance of the quality” in the frame of project of Tempus for the purpose to keep maintenance of the quality in the focus of attention, to make tight partnership with foreign partners was established. Relations with advanced universities of the world are expanded day by day. Relations with the universities of Turkey, America, England, France and Europe intensively develop, mutual contracts are made, exchange of teachers and students increase, intensive works are carried in the direction of recognition of diplomas.

Serious successes were gained in the direction of positively influence in the formation of idea-political, aesthetic-moral outlook. The role of Polyglot”, Student Youth Organization and Student Trade Union Organizations is great on this field.In order to organize free time of the students efficiently intellectual games, sport contests, picture exhibitions, trips on historical places are organized, interesting concerts, literary nights, theater spectacles are performed by the students.Independence years have an important period in 66 years history of AUL. During these years the university preferred integration to Europe completely refusing previous education system, achieved application of the newest method of advanced universities of the world, held leading places among republic higher educational establishments.