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Azerbaijan Trade Unions Confederation

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About Azerbaijan Trade Unions Confederation

Azerbaijan Trade Unions Confederation was established on 5-6 February, 1993 at the Congress of Azerbaijan Trade Unions. Trade union is a voluntary union of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic and sectoral unities which protects and represents socio-economical rights of the workers. Azerbaijan Trade Unions Confederation (ATUC) unites 18610 trade union organizations. The total number of the members makes up 1600000. ATUC incorporates 26 sectoral trade union unities. On 24 February 1994 the law of Azerbaijan Republic on Trade Union was adapted.

International Relations of Azerbaijan Trade Unions Confederation

Since 2000 Azerbaijan Trade Unions Confederation (ATUC) is a member of Independent Trade Unions Confederation and actively participates in all events held by The International organization. A delegate of ATUC is represented in the executive committee of respected international trade union organizations.On 1 January 1997 Resource Center of ICEM was formed in Azerbaijan. This center acts as a coordinator between ICEM and 9 Republican Trade Union Committees connected to it.

Trade Union Federation of Metal Workers, workers of Communal Service enterprises of Local Industry, Chemical Industry, Oil and Gas Industry, Light and Textile Industry, Construction Complex, Gas Supply , Electro station and Electro Techniques Industry are members of ICEM.Independent Trade Union Republican Committee of Light and Textile Industry Workers is a member of The International Trade Union Federation of Textile, Leather and Clothing Workers. Independent Trade Union Republican Committee of Sea Transport Workers is a member of The International Transport Federation. Trade Unions of Healy Care, Communal Service enterprises of Local Industry, Defense Industry are member of PSI. Independent Trade Union Republican Committee of Communication Workers is a member of International Trade Union Organization of Post, Telegraph, and Telephone Workers.ATUC has built up relations with trade union centers of Turkey, France, Belgium, Egypt, UK , German , Bulgaria , Japan ,Chine, NIS countries etc.