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Azerbaijan State Sea Academy

Baku, Sabail district, Zarifa Aliyeva street, 18 AZ1000 *** 2 voted

About Azerbaijan State Sea Academy

Azerbaijan State Marine Academy was established by decision № 91 of July 15, 1996 of Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan, which became a new direction in the system of higher education of Azerbaijan.At present the Academy is the only higher institution in Azerbaijan preparing highly qualified specialists in the marine branch for work in the ships of our Republic and abroad.In spite of not great number of students studying in the Academy labour indicators of our graduates were always high. Tens of our graduates along with the teaching staff in the Academy labour successfully in the marine branch of economy of our Republic and out of its limits. It is necessary to mention that graduates of our Academy are provided with work and receive high salary.

Activity of Azerbaijan State Marine Academy

One of the main tasks of our Academy is to implement the requirements of modern system of education and of International Marine Organization in the sphere of preparation of seafaring specialists.Graduates of our Academy, prepared with regard to these requirements are given diplomas recognized world-wide.Together with gaining theoretical knowledge for improvement of professional skills the students of Academy have practice in the ships, administrations and institutions of the Republic and receive appropriate documents, confirming level of professional skills on different specialties.

The center of improving qualification and certification of specialists working in the marine branch functions in the Academy. Marine Academy is pleased with preparation of young seafaring cadres and invites the youth to choose this profession.Marine Academy in its activity proceed from the priorities of modernity and progress.Marine Academy is cooperating with marine educational institutions of Poland, Russia, Ukraine , Bulgaria and other countries.Broad information is given of the way of improvement, faculties, departments, levels of higher education, different directions of science and education, foreign relations and international projects, sport and student life of the Academy.