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Azerbaijan State Economic University Building 4

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About Azerbaijan State Economic University Building 4

Azerbaijan State University of Economics (ASUE) (Azerbaijani: Azərbaycan Dövlət İqtisad Universiteti (ADIU)) is a public university located in Baku, Azerbaijan. ASUE was founded in 1930 and it is one of the biggest educational institutions of the South Caucasus.

Structure of the University

ASUE has 14 faculties, where 16 thousand students get education, and it offers master programs in 57 specialties, employing more than 1000 teachers, including 62 professors and 344 docents, among whom there are active members of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, New York Academy of Sciences, winners of state awards, honored teachers and scientists. ASUE is a full member of the European University Association, Federation of the Universities of the Islamic World, University Council of Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation and Eurasian Association of Universities. There are 650 undergraduate and postgraduate students from 10 countries of the world getting education at ASEU.

In 2007 a Library and Information Center and a student career center started functioning at ASUE and also a new 7 floor educational building that meets the highest international standards was opened. The same year ASUE received the “European quality” award and the European Club of Rectors and European University Association.The strategic direction of ASUE development was to bring the educational process up to the international standards by 2010, finishing the international accreditation process and ensuring full compliance with Bologna Process, as well as more active participation in the international market of educational services.

History of Azerbaijan State University of Economics

Originally a part of Baku State University, it became a separate, independent institution in 1934. Over the years its name has changed a number of times and it was re-merged and re-separated from Baku State on several occasions. On its creation in 1930, the school was named the Trade-Cooperative Institute. In 1933, the government of Azerbaijan SSR changed the name to the "Azerbaijan Social-Economic University named after Karl Marx" (similar to the naming of the Azerbaijan Medical University named after Nariman Narimanov), and introduced curricula on accounting, law and finance.

In 1936 the name was tweaked to the "Azerbaijan Social-Economic Institute named after Karl Marx". With the onset of World War II, ASEU was folded into Baku State University's Department of Economics. By 1944 the school was separated again, this time as the Azerbaijan National Economic Institute. It remained under this name until March 1959, when war caused it to be folded back into Baku State University.In 1966 the school separated once again, and has remained independent since, initially as the Azerbaijan National Economic Institute named after Dadash Bunyadzade. In 1987 the name was changed to the Finance-Economic Institute; and in 2000 the name was finally changed to its current form by an act of the Azerbaijani government.