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Azerbaijan Risk Professionals Association

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About Azerbaijan Risk Professionals Association

Azerbaijan Risk Professionals Association (ARPA), which is a non-governmental organization and public union, has been founded on March 19, 2009. ARPA has been established by the purpose of development of risk management in the country. Its main objective is the expansion of application of the most contemporary and the most effective practices in Azerbaijan, by concentrating on risk professionals. Currently, association physical has 10000 members, and more than 20 corporate members. ARPA, one of key providers on educational, knowledge and consultation services, conducts different seminars and trainings in the field of risk management.

Activity of Azerbaijan Risk Professionals Association

Development of risk management in reducing costs, suggesting more qualitative product and services in the long-term prospective, as well as in the process of enhancing competitive power of Azerbaijan companies, is peerless. Governing this task, ARPA does its best for preparation of professionals equipped with modern knowledge in the field of finance, import and application of new innovative products, emerging higher culture in this field for improvement of its members.

As a result of conducted multiple seminars, round tables, consultancy services and meetings of expert groups, we gained popularity and development of risk management topic in our country. In addition to directing development of risk management to financial-credit sector in the first periods of its operation, ARPA contributes to application of advanced and important practices on risk management in other sectors of economy as well. Emergence of risk management tradition in Azerbaijan brings about favorable environment for establishment of larger and more efficient risk professionals’ network, through garnering the attention of other companies.It involves boosting stable development in Azerbaijan by emerging risk management culture in all fields of economics, management of risks, corporative management, full perception of principles and methods on audit by everyone, contribution to gaining advantage from usage of these principles and methods.