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Azerbaijan Marketing Society

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About Azerbaijan Marketing Society

Azerbaijan Marketing Society (AMS) was established on July 7, 2000 in Baku with the participation of specialists representing the marketing departments of different local and multinational companies operating in Azerbaijan. The purpose of the creation of organization is to spread the marketing science and to promote general concepts, methods and world practices in Azerbaijan. From this point of view, we accept the marketing, as not just economical term, but in a broader sense – in a philosophical way of thinking and as the most important factor in the development of democracy in Azerbaijan.

Goals and objectives of Marketing Society

  • Implementation of development and dissemination of marketing and public researches in Azerbaijan by scientific and practical analysis;
  • To cover the activities of AMS members in the field of marketing;
  • To support the activities of AMS members, comply with high professionalism and standards;
  • To promote and develop marketing science in Azerbaijan by organizing meetings, conferences and seminars;
  • To carry out other activities appropriate to our members’ professional interests using AMS potential and the resources.

It should be noted that during 2000-2013 years AMS carried out different projects and researches in teamwork with a number of international and government agencies, local NGOs and companies and became the business partner for many enterprises dealing with social entrepreneurship, as well as marketing studies, preparation of investment projects and business plans. The Society also was involved in education and training activities providing non-commercial services for a variety of research and educational institutes of Republic.Main mission of the society is to introduce, develop and provide up-to-date marketing strategies, concepts and tools in Azerbaijan by research, education and promotion activities.