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Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation

Baku, Khazar district, Heydar Aliyev prospect, 108 AZ1000 *** 1 voted

About Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation

The Federation cooperates with the Ministry of Sports and Youth of the Azerbaijan Republic and sports organizations on issues of the population's large-scale involvement in physical training and healthy-life style, personnel training, national teams' formation and preparation, their participation in the training camp and international tournaments. Within the framework of its authority, the Federation develops and strengthens international relations with sports organizations of foreign countries, as well as international sports organizations.The Federation has the following obligations: to develop and promote gymnastics disciplines; to form national teams and ensure their participation in international tournaments within the framework of its authority; to upgrade the system of high-class sportsmen preparation in the given sports disciplines; to take part in creation of conditions for social security of sportsmen, coaches in gymnastics disciplines and other specialists working in this field, to take care of gymnastics veterans; to develop regulations on gymnastics disciplines following the code of points approved by International Sports Federations; to struggle against use of doping agents and/or its methods, as well as inequality or violence in sports; to develop requirements and norms for all gymnastics disciplines, as well as classification of requirements for sports judges on certain categories for the purpose of their inclusion in the Unitary Sports Classification; The Federation facilitates to the development of children's-youth's sports, assists the activity of sports schools, Olympic Reserve Schools and Olympic Centers. The Federation may become a member of international sports organizations; in accordance with the status of international sports organizations, it may have rights and obligations which do not contradict the legislation. General Assembly is the Federation's Superior Authority. The Executive Committee (EC) gives leadership to the Federation between the periods of its holding. The EC Members consisting of natural persons are elected by the General Assembly for the 5-year-period. The EC also reports back to the General Assembly.