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Azerbaijan Diabetes Society

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About Azerbaijan Diabetes Society

In the period following independence from the Soviet Union, when the country faced a complex of political, social and economic problems, the diabetes situation in Azerbaijan has become nearly catastrophic. This period was characterized by high death rates, disability, irregular supply of hypoglycemic medication and self monitoring devices to medical institutions, lack of rehabilitation systems, etc. In this difficult situation the Azerbaijan Diabetes Society (ADS) was founded (registration date November 7, 1997) with the purpose of providing social assistance and protection of human rights to persons affected with diabetes. The Society was created on the premises of the Baku City Diabetes society “Rufat”, which was established in 1995.

Aims of Azerbaijan Diabetes Society

  • protection of human rights of people with diabetes
  • harmonization of state diabetes care with international standards
  • improvement of quality of life for diabetes affected people

Objectives of Azerbaijan Diabetes Society

  • prevention of diabetes, provision of insulin and other hypoglycemic medications allowed for treatment of diabetes
  • organization of public monitoring of diabetes related examinations
  • supporting of “diabetes schools” established in the regions of Azerbaijan with the purpose of discovering diabetes affected people and educating them and members of their families about self monitoring, glucose compensation, prevention and treatment of diabetes;
  • supporting diabetes affected people in protection of their labor and social rights
  • as a member of IDF, to follow UN resolutions on diabetes and contribute to implementation of IDF decisions
  • promoting improvements of quality of life of diabetes affected people, especially children; assisting to organization of children’s recreation and rehabilitation in sanatoriums and other specialized recreational facilities
  • assistance in job search, rehabilitation, medical, social, legal, psychological, and educational assistance
  • public awareness raising, based on the principles of charity, self-management and self-support of ADS members, as well as assistance from state and non-government organizations and individuals (including foreign)