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Azbentonit factory

Khaci Zeynalabdin Taghiyev, Absheron district, Khirdalan, 13 AZ 0100 *** 3 voted

About Azbentonit factory

‘Azbentonit’ Ltd has been functioning since the official opening ceremony of the company held under participation of the country president in 2004. The aim of the enterprise is to investigate, to study, to evaluate technologically the mineral non-ore fields of the country, to organize production of materials of different use on the basis of raw material of the fields of industrial importance. For this purpose flexible management structure of the enterprise was established the first, highly qualified staff on all leading spheres was selected and the principle of adoption of all technical decisions was given fundamental importance. Scientific production department was established in the structure of the plant as well as strong modern and quite universal central-experimental laboratory as its scientific research base. Production and high quality packing of the next products was provided in Azerbaijan for the first time by Azbentonit factory: 

  • bentonite for different use
  • Portland cement of different brands based on Russian clinker and local mineral active admixtures
  • gypsum
  • tiff
  • over 40 varieties of paint goods
  • dry construction mixtures
  • gypsum
  • tile and flooring tile adhesives
  • self-spreading
  • water proof
  • heat-insulating
  • masonry and plaster mixtures
  • decorative plaster mixtures
  • lime and slack lime
  • dextrin 

Products of dry construction mixtures factory Azbentonit

  • Cement products "UNIVERSAL"
  • Ceramics Adhesives "EKSTRAPROF"
  • Gypsum based products "GİPER"
  • Intermediate filling aggregates "FugaSer"
  • Ready mixture for repair works "DekoStone"
  • Raw Material
  • Paint products
  • Waterproofing

Dry construction mixtures in Azbentonit factory

Additional production of mixed powders, fire-proof mortar powder, mineral powder additives for polymeric industry is planned in 15 technological lines varied by productivity, assignment and principles of the plant. New production spheres are constantly organized in the enterprise according to the state plan on opening of new working places. Alongside with the abovementioned a plan of complex measures is prepared and realized for solution social problems of the employees of the enterprise, effective organization of their vacation, safety and protection of labour and protection of environment. The enterprise has a canteen and a buffet, a perfect sport complex and a training hall. The employees are carried by special vehicles.