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About Ayan

As a striking example for this, one can name Ayan Limited Liability Company established in 2005.Our goal in founding the company is production of high-quality products in compliance with the requirements of international standards and organization of their sales at domestic and foreign markets.Starting form August, 2011, the enterprise launched the production of lemonade named Gizil Guyu (Golden Well). In a short space of time owing to its high quality and taste, the Gizil Guyu lemonade became the decoration of our tables. The water taken from the wells at the foot of Shahdagh Mountain that is one of the picturesque corners of Azerbaijan is filtered through sand and active carbon filters and controlled by means of the reverse osmosis device in the modern laboratory conditions.

Our Gizil Guyu lemonades manufactured from natural sugar, natural carbonaceous gas and natural aromatizers by traditional Georgian technology and traditions by means of the equipment made in Germany that complies with European standards are tightly covered by caps made in Germany, bottled in throwaway bottles and labeled, manufactured touch-free by undergoing the control of automatic bottling and labeling.

Ayan Company - Production 

The company engages in processing and packing of black and white sunflower seeds "Belochka", "Tek-tek" and sweet cheesy corn sticks "Belochka". These products are produced in fully hygienic conditions by the technology in compliance with the up-to-date standards.The enterprise has technological equipment in accordance with the modern requirements. There is a strict control over the made production quality.The enterprise grows the production volume, taking its modernization measures and improving the product design and aesthetic decoration of packing.

Owing to the latest technologies application in production the enterprise managed to get optimum the price and quality ratio of the production made. All the goods we offer are of high quality and have competitive prices.Ayan LLC successfully engages in the field of export of its high-quality products. For the period of activity Ayan LLC has gained experience of successful cooperation with large companies-manufacturers and is ready to offer customers a wide range of foodstuffs.