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About Atena

Atena LLC started its activity on 11.05.2011. It is the distinctive milk collection farm and production enterprise not only in Azerbaijan and also in the world for its diary technology and method of work. It controls all diary products in each point of its production by its technology to protect cost of food.Atena produces 400 ton fresh milk by the help of its automatic equipment a day. The enterprise covers 12.000 m2 area and totally 240.000m2..Initially the enterprise has entered diary products market with products of 42 types and today is serving to its customers with 40 products types.

Atene milk and milk products

Atena gives guarantees for delivering of its diary products during 24 hours from milk processing unit to sold point. So Diary products of Atena (as milk, yogurt, buttermilk, cheese) surely preserve their natural (without any chemical substances) and fresh taste without using any chemical substances.Beside its own development, Atena consider about development of enterprise's employees, clients, farmers, suppliers, and consumers too.Atena LLC was established in Agjabadi that is best-known region in Azerbaijan livestock sector in order to support for successful development of Azerbaijan. As well as intented to support for development of the region besides manufacturing milk or diary products.

Atena farm

Atena is the project that was started by Diary Products Plant in order to produce sufficient milk and durable to the standard.Bacterial content and high quality of our milk will be guarantor of Atena Diary Products Plant's quality.It was indented 3,000 cows' milk production that was brought from Germany and possessing to high genetic quality and production of +30 liter daily on average and totally +90, 000 liter during morning and night.9,500 cows, heifers, calf's will be placed at the farm that consist of 18 Open Paddocks (18 x 5,500 m²), 6 Milches and 2 Young Cow Stables Cow stables (8 x 5,600 m²), 2 Calf Stables (2 x 4,000 m²), 1 Treatment Stable (1,800 m²) and 1 Birth Stable (1,800 m²) constructed on 40 ha area.

Milking process of the cows will be carried out in latest technological milking unit possessing to "Rotary" system consists of milking process and 2 numbers of 40 general attitudes with the help of completely automatically and computerized.Milk will not produce by the hand. Heat temperature of the milk will be decreased from 38° to 4° by the help of shocked cooling system and storage its temperature in special unrusted steel tanks until loading to the tanker trucks of Atena Diary Products Plant.For continuous quality of our milk, our animals are feed with fodder prepared from quality and special forage of our plant by our animal technicians and corn fringe and clover grass grown in our especial areas.

Quality from Atena

In order to obtain new calves, our cows and heifer are fermented with artificial ferments that belong to high productive certificate after reaching suitable stage or weight. On average about 25 cows will be fermented artificially in a day and 10 cows will be born.New born caws are brought up with special care and fermented artificially after they come to proper age or weight. In the future these new born animals will meet needs of our farm and also our country to the most part of pregnant cows are quality and adapted to the condition of our country. After new born calves grown up under the special program and when they are 550 kg -18 month they will cut to pay requirement of the people to the meat.

Manure collected in our stables will be collected automatically with the help of special mechanical and technical systems. Solid and liquid parts of manure will be collected separately and used as natural fertilizer in the areas where specially ripen forage crops are planted for our farm after operations that provide their ripening naturally and biologically.6 Veterinary, 14 Veterinary technician and Technician and 140 employees will be provided with job.