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AS Group Investment Group of Companies

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About AS Group Investment Group of Companies

The Group of Companies “AS Group Investment” is one of the leaders in real estate development, which implements successful, complex projects in the private and public sector for more than 10 years. Competent management, strong modern technical base and introduction of the advanced world technologies became pledge of great success which the company achieved for the short period of time. The successes gave “AS Group Investment” the chance to earn reputation of the reliable business partner, both in Azerbaijan, and in other countries. All projects starting from the conception up to a full handover are carried out by “AS Group Investment” and its subsidiaries.

The fields of our activity of “AS Group Investment”

  • the construction of residential buildings;
  • design and construction of office buildings;
  • design and construction of commercial buildings;
  • construction of industrial facilities;
  • supply of raw materials for the production of construction materials;
  • production of construction materials: concrete and concrete blocks, reinforced concrete products, reinforcing cages;
  • paving slabs and tile, borders;
  • production of concrete additives;
  • construction machinery and transport services;

For providing the quality of management, and client satisfaction by services and products “AS Group Investment” is undertaking to implement mission and policy listed below.

Missions of “AS Group Investment” 

  • To develop and continuously improve the system of quality management
  • To create team of professionals and to provide its development
  • To build for the centuries
  • To make a comfortable life affordable for our clients
  • To arrange life for future generations
  • To build the future by preserving traditions and using the latest technology

The policy in the field of management of quality of “AS Group Investment” Group of Companies

  • To work in accordance with the laws and international quality management standards (İSO 9001)
  • To create a safe working environment
  • To become one of the best among the world's urban development leaders and high quality manufacturing
  • To build and produce ahead of consumer desires
  • To improve the welfare of the company’s staff
  • To use the natural resources as efficiently as possible to protect the ecology
  • To respect the nation traditions