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Arterium Azerbaijan

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About Arterium Azerbaijan

The Arterium Corporation operates in the industry which takes care of the most important values – human health and life. Every day nearly two thousand of our employees make their individual contribution to the achievement of this humane goal.We strive to ensure that every patient who uses our medicines, every doctor who is determined to overcome disease, every business partner – feels our care, responsibility and confidence we put into high quality and effectiveness of our products. That is why the Arterium Corporation has a corporate philosophy and attitude of cooperation towards patients, doctors and business partners which is firmly based on the concept “Closer to people”.

Activities of the Arterium Corporation

We are certain that in order to create and develop high quality and effective medications it is necessary to possess the requisite knowledge, technology and business acumen as well as to cultivate among our employees a selfless and heartfelt attitude towards their work allied with a deep understanding of the significance of our corporate mission and values. That is why guided by our “Closer to people” idea, the Arterium Corporation is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Ukraine and is steadily expanding its presence on CIS markets.This website is our business card that represents our company to those of you who share an interest in successful development and cooperation on the way to our common goal – enabling people to enjoy longer, healthier and more productive lives.