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Baku, Sabail district, Hazi Aslanov street, 107A AZ1000 *** 6 voted

About ARS Express & Logistics

About "ARS Express and Logistics" ARS Express and Logistics is a transportation company offering all kinds of delivery services. The Company is considerably new, as it has been opened in Azerbaijan recently since June, 2007. The main target of the company is to achieve satisfaction of their customers to get its place in the competitive market among its rivals. With this purpose we provide our clients with qualitative services and outstanding performance in suitable prices. Our corporate philosophy is simply stated: Service-Clients-Satisfaction-Profit (SCSP). The motto is based on that we develop and provide services that put our clients’ considerations in the centre aiming to get their and our obtaining profit. If you think to commence using our services, but are still unwilling, do not hesitate. ARS Express and Logistics offers you a certain discount to test our services for the first time. We are sure that after the first use of our delivery services you will be satisfied and will go on working with us.