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Baku, Narimanov district, Ahmadbay Aghaoglu street, 12 AZ1000 *** 2 voted

About Arktika Plus

Since 2003 as we started to work as "Arktika trade and professional kitchen equipments" we are enganed in manufacturing and sale of hotel, restaurant, wedding palaces, catering, market, supermarket and all kind of equipments that used in such other industrial and catering establishments. From the first day when we started as a "Arktika" brand as well as our slogan "high-quality, high-service" we presented to customers produced and imported products as well as our ideas. At the same time, the company operates in the design, installation and maintenance services.

Arktika trade and professional kitchen equipments

"Arktika" family consists of "Arktika" and "Anadolu metbex" exhibition halls and "Rean market". We are exhibiting the professional kitchen and commercial equipments at "Arktika" and "Anadolu metbex" exhibition halls and industrial refrigeration equipments and spare parts at "Rean market". So far our professional kitchen equipments decorates a number of medical, educational institutions, governmental and non-governmental bodies kitchens .