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About Arkada Group

Arkada Group is a Multinational Company which is created through a team of professional Engineers specializing in design and construction services; where Architect Design, Bridges, Foundations, Harbour and Marine, Railway, Sewage and Pipelines, Logistic Warehouse Parks along with Social and Residential Environmental Developments form our Core Business elements. Arkada Group’s present business structure was founded back in 1993 as Company “Arkhitektor YIB” privatized from the Government sector, where it was well placed to pick up many new infrastructure projects for apartment blocks and warehousing. The original business was managed this way for eleven years prior to handing the reins over to new generation management in 2004. Since then; the company, renamed as “Arkada International Construction Company” has achieved its growth plan leading to further expansion of business. This has seen a successful professional construction business with involvement on; BTC-SCP pipeline projects under BP GOC standard construction procedures and Silkway Roads construction under AASHTO and Euro standards. During 2006 Arkada’s management decided to initiate an inhouse HR Company called “Master HR”. This was designed to keep our best Engineers and personnel on board with us, so that we could train the next generation for future cooperation on construction projects in Azerbaijan regions and also on the international construction scene. During the 2nd quarter of 2013 an executive decision was taken to expand Arkada Group’s interests as a parent company; specifically to form business partnerships with construction companies who are very successful in international construction market. This unity will be a highly specialized operation with involvement on many different type of construction where we have the support of 50 years of experience within our 60 local construction contractors. The new Arkada Group Management structure will be united under an umbrella management system driven by strong commercial, contractual and construction procedure controls. Arkada Group’s project design and engineering offices can support a full range of design and construction services to a top tier Clients who are located across Azerbaijan and close Caspian Sea littoral States. Arkada Group’s mission and vision philosophy remains firmly rooted and focused on our safe and timely quality delivery; completed in the most productive manner possible - without any accident.Our multinational top management teams are proud of the company birth roots and history and appreciate our loyal Clients who have made our passage from a small company to the present day professional construction team of 65 qualified management and supervisory personnel. We have a fully integrated ISO communication and project management system. Approximately half of our yearly volume is derived through repeat business from Clients who have trusted in Arkada to deliver the best outturn value to their interests and investments. Arkada Group’s commitments are based on a long-term business plan with the goal of development controlled growth through dedicated and driven service. We have many contracted locations in Azerbaijan, and would welcome requests for international contract involvement. With a proven track record of organizing, managing and delivering our project as required and an operational business strategy to maintain a full profile of services. Arkada Group’s Client base can receive complete competitive design and construction options; where our efficient management of resources is at the core of our construction competence.Arkada Group maintains a large inventory of construction materials and equipments to ensure prompt delivery of our contracted services are delivered on time and within budget.