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Baku, Nasimi district, Samad Vurghun street, 60 AZ1000 *** 2 voted

About Aquart

The private company AquArt was founded in 1997 in Baku. At present, the company realizes projects in the whole territory of Azerbaijan. AquArt successfully covers the following kinds of activity:

  • Waterproofing of flat roofs, terraces, foundations, cellars, underground garages and of other building objects of any forms and sizes with the use of synthetic rubber EPDM membrane;
  • Construction of artificial reservoirs – ponds, waterfalls, cascades,fountains;
  • Design and production of wide spectrum of freshwater and sea aquariums of various forms and volumes, including exclusive aquariums by volume 2.000 – 3.000 cubic meters,production of water-light interior articles (columns, panels, ect.).
  • Provision by necessary equipment (pumps, biofilters, UV-sterilizers,ect.), accessories, elements of decor, forages, medical preparations, facilities of water quality control in aquariums and ponds;
  • Maintenance service of aquariums and ponds, including cleaning, water quality control, prophylactics and treatment of fish diseases.