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Baku, 1128th Checkpoint, Sabail district, 504 AZ1073 *** 1 voted

About Ans Kommers

“ANS COMMERCE” Company renders the following services: Planning, realization and assessment of the advertising campaigns in mass media belonging to “ANS Group of Companies”; Placement of the advertising materials in the mass media belonging to “ANS Group of Companies” with consideration the details of target groups and the type of business activities of the customers; Preparation and placement of the projects of sponsorships in mass media belonging to “ANS Group of Companies” considering a customer application; By application of a customer to prepare and implement the projects (reportage) of commercial and other types in mass media under the authority of “ANS Group of Companies”; Advertisement is an inseparable part of each mass media company. “ANS Commerce” Company is the only authorized unit to have rights for the placement of advertisements in mass media of “ANS Group of Companies”.