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Anar Optik Azerbaijan Medical University

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About Anar Optik Azerbaijan Medical University

Salons Anar Optik are equipped by the advanced diagnostic devices, that our doctors could put exact ophtometric the diagnosis to patients of different age categories. The eye is difficult photo-optical system and each element of optical system of an eye has an own method of measurement. So, for reception objective indicators of a refraction of an eye, it is used rephractometers. Experts ANAR OPTİK use in the work modern rephractometers of TOPCON and NİDEK, the Japanese manufacture. These rephractometers give the chance to diagnose at miopia (short-sightedness) from 0 to-25dptr, hypermetropia (far-sightedness) from 0 to +25dptr, presbiopia (age weakness of sight), post-operational astigmatism (simple, difficult and mixed), cataract and as to measure interpupillar distance. After statement of the diagnosis advisers ANAR OPTİK help at a choice of suitable models of frames and lenses of different manufacturers.

Services of Anar Optik

Doctors of Anar Optik also use keratometres and biomicroscopes of mark TOPCON with which help measure degree of curvature of a surface of a cornea (It very important for exact appointment of contact lenses) and survey the general condition of a corneal cover. Visual acuity our doctors check by means of special projectors successfully replaced old eye tables. It is necessary to remember that, refraction infringements if them not correct long time lead to amblapia (a syndrome of a lazy eye), that is in most cases not reversible infringement of sight. On it from children's age it is necessary to watch quality of sight and in time to address to the doctor.