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Azerbaijan National Agency for Mine Action

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About Azerbaijan National Agency for Mine Action

Azerbaijan National Agency for Mine Action (ANAMA) established on July 18, 1998 by the Presidential Decree No.854 under the State Commission for Reconstruction and Rehabilitation of war affected territories. Being responsible for planning and coordination, management and monitoring of mine action related activities all over the country, ANAMA is the executing agency in Azerbaijan Mine Action Programme, the joint project of the Government of Azerbaijan and UNDP signed on April 2, 1999 (Project No.AZE/98/003, Thematic Area: Crisis Prevention and Recovery). The Agency operates according to the Azerbaijan National Strategic Plan outlined below and ANAMA Principles.The landmine/unexploded ordinance (UXO) problem in Azerbaijan can be divided into the areas of Azerbaijan that are still under the occupation of Armenian forces and those areas that have been liberated. The project is designed to create indigenous capacity to undertake survey, mapping and clearance in currently liberated areas and to prepare for dealing with the UXO problem in occupied areas after their liberation.

About project

The main goal of the project is to create a national mine action capacity capable of planning, coordinating and managing all mine/UXO related activities in the currently liberated areas, and enable it to expand into areas yet to be liberated.The project will reduce the number of fatal accidents and injuries caused by mine explosions, thereby promoting the return of IDPs. It will also enable the rehabilitation and reconstruction of the infrastructure and provide food safety and income generating opportunities.

Key Achievements and Results of Project

Headquarters of ANAMA in Baku, two Regional Offices in Horadiz, Fizuli district and Goygol district, 3 operational centers located in Terter, Agjabedi and Agstafa established and fully operational
Landmine Impact Survey completed and data mapped and stored
MRE integrated into school curriculum and every year it covers 52,000 children in 1200 schools of war-affected districts
134 community MRE groups active in 9 affected districts
The total number of people involved in mine action in Azerbaijan stands as 562 along with 32 MDDs and 6 MDMs
National training and quality assurance team established and fully operational
112,441,464 sq.m of minefields and 41,460,379 sq.m of battle areas cleared/reduced and released (that directly benefit a total of about 100,000 people) and handed over to local authorities.
217 anti-personnel, 367 anti-tank landmines and 644,539 UXOs destroyed
Countrywide mine victim needs assessment conducted