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Anadolu Medical Center Azerbaijan

Baku, Narimanov district, Ahmad Rajabli street, 33 AZ1000 *** 4 voted

About Anadolu Medical Center Azerbaijan

Everything we do here is for the sake of health… Anadolu Medical Center was founded by Anadolu Foundation, an institution that fueled dozens of worthwhile projects in Turkey. The knowledge and experience we have amassed at the Anadolu Medical Center enables us to contribute to people’s health. The achievements of Anadolu Medical Center have enabled us to make the transition from health center to Center of Health within a very short time. Mission To provide world-class healthcare in order to improve the quality of life. Vision To be a reference center in the healthcare domain.

Our activity

Values Primary concern: to understand the needs of patients and their relatives and offer them quality service that surpasses their expectations. Patients’ rights and safety are number one priority. It is Anadolu’s responsibility to assess any possible risks that may arise so as to be able to provide healthcare within secure settings to patients and their relatives. Anadolu makes every effort to understand cultural, physical and psychological needs by establishing open lines of communication and protecting patients’ rights without discrimination. Our employees are the driving power to team-work achievements: employee engagement and training is the key to excellent performance. Their firm commitment to efficient and constructive teamwork within a friendly and trustworthy environment contributes to the success story of our medical center.

Our services

Anadolu strives to engage the full potential of its staff by creating a sharing environment for mutual exchange of ideas, information and opinions, and educational development. Anadolu is both socially and environmentally conscious. Therefore, the staff is working to provide the best health service and care possible so as to raise the quality of life. At the same time, measures are taken that these activities are not to harm the environment or natural resources. By managing the waste, through appropriate technology, the center avoids air, water and soil pollution. Anadolu Medical Center strives to constantly improve, to evaluate and use objective information in decision making and taking actions, rather than relying on intuition, feelings and experimentation.