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Alten Group

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About Alten Group

Alten Group was established in 2009 to provide energy services and manufacture LED lighting products in Azerbaijan. Our engineering solutions are developed by specialist team of industry professionals, which comprises experts from Electrical and Mechanical Engineering. We offer competitively priced turnkey services for commercial, governmental and utility customers using proven technology. Our services include, Engineering, Procurement and Management of MEP projects.

LED Manufacturing and Retail

Our company provides range of LED lighting products, for internal and external use. We deliver static and dynamic lighting solutions of all kind. Our products are the highest quality in the market, and we collaborate with companies such as Traxon Technologies for dynamic lighting. We use MeanWell power supply drivers for our LED products, which is globally recognized brand and reliable source of power.In our factory, we design and customize lighting products at your request, and provide all sort of maintenance and repair services.

Corporate Values

  • Quality-Having a zero-tolerance approach to defects, we provide the best-quality products and services to our customers.
  • Integrity-We act with honesty and integrity in everything we do.
  • Safety-We care about the safety of our employees, customers, society and environment. We ensure that stringent safety measures are implemented to prevent injuries and accidents.
  • Results-focused approach-We are focused to achieve the best results for all of our projects, our customers and our country.
  • Our employees-We strive to become a company that employees are proud to be part of. We endeavour to create the best working conditions for our staff in order to make Alten Group an attractive and supportive workplace for everybody.

Mission of Alten Group

The mission of Alten Group is to become an electrical and mechanical contractor in the construction industry, operating for the benefit of its partners, employees and customers. Alten Group will adhere to the highest standards of integrity and performance in order to obtain the best possible reputation and image. We are committed to maintain a growth rate and profit margin adequate to insure the continuance of the company. Alten Group realizes that the continued growth and profitability of the company is possible only through the growth, development and retention of people of the highest caliber.