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Alov Factory

Baku, Binagadi district, Tbilisi prospect, 77 AZ1100 *** 2 voted

About Alov Factory

The plant was founded in 1975 under the name “Iskra” by the Resolution of the Ex.Union Ministry of Defence Industry as an affiliate of Azov Mechano-Optical Plant ”AOMZ” for manufacture & repair of optical devices.Since 1993 the plant continued operation under the control of the Special Engineering & Conversion Committee of Azerbaijan Republic.From September 2006 “ALOV” plant is operating within the structure of the Ministry of Defence Industry of the Azerbaijan Republic.

“Alov” plant is a specialist in production of fine mechanics & optical products

  • specific electron devices
  • specific optic devices
  • manufacture of precision wearing spare parts for drilling rigs
  • manufacture of precision wearing spare parts for subway cars
  • repair works using chemical electrolysis & babitting of pillows manufacture of consumer goods

Products of Alov Plant are Special products -In compliance with the approved State Programme;Commercial products .

for drilling rigs:

  • gas shafts
  • gas spiders V2-450
  • shafts
  • gearwheels
  • wheels
  • wire products ( pins, screws, nuts)
  • tightening single & double threaded screws

for subway cars:

  • muffs
  • hangers
  • door boards
  • suspension pillows
  • shafts in different sizes
  • covers

for vessels

  • repair of various types of cushions,
  • lights SS-328, SS-373
  • wire products
  • spare parts