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About Air Conditioner Factory

Scientific and Production Association "BAKCONDITIONER" is a large manufacturing organization specializing in home air conditioners of window – type. It was founded under the direction and on own initiative of the former President of Azerbaijan, Heydar Aliyev during 1973-1975. Joint Stock Company "BAKCONDITIONER" was established on the basis of the Association in 2001. License was issued by the Japanese firm "Toshiba" for the construction of plant of the Company. The design volume of the plant consists of 10,000 units of electric motors (spare parts), 50 thousand units of compressors, 400,000 units of household air conditioners. There are some shops in industrial plants: assembly, painting, plastic, heat exchangers, injection molding plants. There are warehouses for storage of components for finished products with a capacity of more than 13 million air conditioners, as well as other stores shops within the production part of the plant. There is also an internal laboratory and team of experts working in this enterprise that determines all aspects of research, testing the raw materials, components and finished products in "Bakconditioner". Furthermore, in addition to the usual testing means there are premises for the analysis of noise and climate of the room in the factory. JSC “Bakconditioner” manufactures home conditioners of the window – type and special type of the several volume (1800 Vt, 2300 Vt, 2900 Vt), functioning in “cold” and “heat / cold” regimes. The products of the factory were especially exported at the market of CIS countries and the export to the abroad was nearly 30%. Importers of Baku conditioners were Turkey, Livan, Iran, Syria, Afghanistan, Kuba, Australia. The Company is focusing on customer satisfaction via organizing more than 200 technical centers located in all regions of the country since its founding up today. Aim of JSC "Bakconditioner" is to re-achieve a leading position in the markets of air conditioners in the CIS countries. It is only for this reason that, the company has set a task for itself on creating different forms of new partnerships with industrial organizations specializing in the production of split air conditioners. In addition to the production of household air-conditioning systems, the Company has the possibility to create different types of parts and assemblies on almost all of its production fields. For all who interested in our proposal, we are ready to provide more extensive and detailed information about JSC "Bakconditioner."