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Ahmadoglu Nizami m.

Baku, Yasamal district, Shıkhali Gurbanov street, 19 AZ1000 *** 1 voted

About Ahmadoglu Nizami m.

In “Ahmadoqlu" kitchen every millimeter of the useful space is used at maximum. Drawers and doors moving without sound and perfectly, baskets and hungers for kitchen utensils, rotating shelves, wall panels with fixed useful items, non-scratch items and many accessories, mechanisms and invisible small items create wide space in the kitchen allowing maximum comfort. Inner part of wall-cupboards made with modern style presents the higher level of comfort and thanks to this comfort kitchen cares turn to the pleasant engagement. Door and drawers of the kitchen wall-cupboards are opened easily and voiceless. Entirely opened drawers allow looking through inside of it and finding quickly any item. With aid of lifting mechanisms the doors of hanged wall-cupboards are opened up and do not prevent to your business. Jalousie doors are opened smoothly up. Space created by corner wall-cupboards may be used effectively as you wish. Equipping of working areas, open and closed shelves with special lightening system creates not just high ergonomics, but at the same time gives beauty to the kitchen. “Ahmadoqlu” kitchens mean perfect design, defectless quality and installing of the most modern equipment suitably and comfortably. Each of "Ahmadoqlu" kitchens meet the requirements of the time and reflect the achievements of the recent times. And altogether the kitchens of "Ahmadoqlu" mean wide choice. Minimalism or classic — You will be able to select the style corresponding to your taste.