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Agdam District Court

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About Agdam District Court

Agdam District Court hears cases related to civil, criminal, administrative offenses and other cases within the territory of Agdam district as a court of first instance.

The information about Aghdam district

Aghdam district was created in 1930 and Aghdam District People’s Court (presently, and Aghdam District Court) was established that year. The district’s relief is mainly plains with some mountainous areas. It is situated 410 meters above sea level and its highest point is 1365 meters. Gargar and Khachin rivers flow through the territory of the district. Aghdam district is located in the center of the ancient and magnificent Karabakh region - at the north-eastern foot of Karabakh mountain range and in the west of Kur-Araz lowlands. The historical monuments of Aghdam which is considered the heart of beautiful Karabakh have survived until today in the course of thousands of years. It became evident following the results of the archeological excavations that were launched in the district in the 50s, the territory of Aghdam district is one of the old human settlements.

Armenia which established its existing state in ancient Azerbaijani lands began its war against Azerbaijan in 1988 in order to occupy a new territory of Azerbaijan – Nagorno-Karabakh and the district which was affected first was Aghdam district and the district and its population suffered most from the early days of the war. In late 1988, tens of thousands of Azerbaijanis forcefully, mercilessly and brutally displaced from their native lands in Armenia, subsequently from the Autonomous Region of Nagorno Karabakh arrived in Aghdam district. In 1992, Armenia which occupied the whole Nagorno Karabakh region received backing from the Russian army and attacked the surrounding regions of Nagorno Karabakh.

Aghdam in particular was the target of continuous attacks. As the result of the military assault that lasted until 12 May 1994 Armenians were able to occupy 846,7 km² of Aghdam district, i.e. 77,4 % of its total territory. At present, only 10 villages of Aghdam district are under the control of Azerbaijan. The district’s population is 178.300 (23 June 2011), and it has a total area of 1094 km². 139.276 inhabitants of Aghdam district who were displaced internally as a result of an aggressive policy of the Armenian invaders are settled across various districts in Azerbaijan. The district shares borders with Aghjabadi, Tartar, Barda and Nagorno Karabakh.