AER ice-cream Sumgayit sale center on map

AER ice-cream Sumgayit sale center

Sumgait, 15th block, 46/9 AZ1000 *** 0 voted

About AER ice-cream Sumgayit sale center

The "AER" firm was registered by Sumgait region of the department of state registration of the juridical persons of the Ministry of Justice of Azerbaijan Republic in 1998 and was given the certificate number S-27.The founders of the firm are brothers of Adil, Elshan, and Rovshan Sharifov. Basic production place on ice-cream of the firm is situated in 22 M.Hadi, street of the settlement of Ahmadli of Baku city.The area of place is 1500 square metres and it is been renting by DEK and it’s not living area. There are 11 expedition services and 1 selling centre in Baku and there are 13 expedition services and 1 selling centre in Sumgait city. At the same time there are more than 20 selling centers in the different regions of the country. It has been exporting ice cream to Georgia since 2007.

Activity of AER

The firm bought the most modern technology of the world “Straight Line 600” production line from Danish company of “Tetra Pak Hoyer” in 2003. The production line was produced in Italy and this technology is being managed by robots. The equipment can produce goods in the following assortments: Waffle glass, Sandwich, Choc-ice with stick, Roll cake, Batons, Lakomka, Without stick, Family ice-cream, Krimankas, Weight ice-cream, Cakes, Bricket.It is possible to produce 3-7 kinds of ice-cream in the each assortment. The production strength of equipment is 5000-9000 depending on kind of ice-cream in an hour.

There was no analogue producer for “Batons”, “Roll”, and “Lakomka” ice creams in Caucasus in 2007.It was installed ОЛ5 ice-cream line in 2006. Though, the main skeleton of line mechanical part was produced in Baltic the modern packing part was imported from Ukraine the frozen part was gathered accordance to modern European standards. Besides making additional to the line and installing ОЛ6 equipment give chance to multiply the function of the equipment and to produce bricket.The branch of the firm has already been opened in Kazakhstan Republic.

  • Produced from ОЛ 5: Plombir, Creamy
  • Produced from ОЛ 6: Bricket line (Spark)
  • Produced from Straight Line: Batons, Sandwich, Choc-ice with stick, Roll, Slito, Weight ice-creams.