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Academy of Ministry of Justice of the Azerbaijan Republic

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About Academy of Ministry of Justice of the Azerbaijan Republic

One of the major organizations of independent Azerbaijan Republic is Academy of justice, which plays important role in formation of justice authorities and their development by preparing new generation of qualified personnel. All these transformations connected with the name of President of Azerbaijan Republic lham Aliyev.A presidential decree of 17 november 2006 ( about development of judicial authorities) created Academy of justice in the structure of the Ministry of Justice. By the decree of 21 november 2008 was approved the charter of the Academy of Justice.

In Academy of Justice is conducted training on increasing of qualification of justice employees, persons for the first time admitted to the prosecutor authorities, court officials, advocates and candidates to the position of the advocate, special notaries, and persons corresponding to the charter of the Academy.Also institute of graduates for the first time is applied in our country, with this aim persons admitted to the justice authorities to the position of prosecutors, investigators and candidates to the position of advocates involved in training to the Academy.

The main duties of the Academy of Justice

  • Conduction of the trainings for the admission to the professional activity, candidates for the first time admitted to the prosecution authorities.
  • Implementation of professional trainings of employees of various categories on the basis of the higher education and also the provision of the supplementary education.
  • Conduction the primary long-term training for the candidates to the position of the judges, also conduction systematic education for the judges.
  • Preparation of PhD candidates and dissertators in the sphere of the legal sciences.
  • Preparation of employees of different categories for studying bases of the right.
  • Conduction supplementary education program among scientifically teaching stuff of higher education institutions.
  • Satisfaction of needs of the state and society in qualified personnel.
  • Conduction of fundamentally applied scientific researches, also conduction informationally systematic, scientifically- methodical recommendations for government authorities and for governmental and nongovernmental organizations.
  • Conduction continuous development of scientifically technical and methodical bases of the academy.
  • Increasing and preservation of morally-cultural and scientific values of the society.
  • Conduction of the legally educational activity.