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Baku, Sabail district, Хagani street, 103 AZ1000 *** 1 voted

About 2M Engineering Co.

The company "2M ENGINEERING Co" carries out its activities in the Azerbaijani market since 1997, specializing in the sale of water supply, sewerage, HVAC - air conditioning systems, ventilation, heating, their installation, maintenance, and improvement. For the last period of its activity, the company has accumulated a lot of experience with the latest domestic and foreign materials and equipment. High - qualified employees of the company are able to perform the most complex operation of its business profile with the provision of warranty service. The main purpose of "2M ENGINEERING Co" is to meet the growing consumer demand for the latest quality of the water heaters and heating systems from its establishment day. The company cooperates with private enterprises and government agencies in Azerbaijan in this field. "2M ENGINEERING Co" carries out its activities in the following areas: - sale and delivery of equipment; - organization of design work; - Installation of radiator heating system, heating system "warm floor", pool heating, ventilation, air conditioning systems; - construction of external and internal gas supply systems and water supply, sewerage system, drainage system; - Installation of domestic heating systems and water supply systems; - Installation of boiler equipment; - Service and warranty service. The company offers customers the equipment for building management, and also provides services to private and public organizations in this field. Our clients are public and commercial organizations, industrial enterprises, private and public building owners, utilities and construction companies, designers and architects, consulting engineers, building managers, salespeople, contractors, manufacturers of heating equipment, ventilation and air conditioning systems, control security services, education institutions, maintenance of industrial facilities, health care enterprises, retail shops. The company aims to expand its policy of dealer network, which was launched for close cooperation with all the individuals and companies involved in the sale of electric water heaters (thermosyphon five-minute), water pump (hydrophones), oil coolers and other similar hardware destinations in Baku and other regions of Azerbaijan.